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Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

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Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

When planning your home, you shouldn’t neglect to light. The design of landscape lighting is very different from the rest of landscaping in that it requires a good understanding of the properties of light, as well as the practicalities of installing a lighting system. In this article, I’m going to show you how to get the most out of your garden lighting and how to make sure you are using an environmentally friendly lighting system. The best way to start designing your lighting is to draw a simple diagram of your garden and its main features. You should also draw where the sockets are on the map so you know where you want all the wires of the light going. Once you have a map, you can decide where to focus the light. Don’t try to choose a lot of different focal points as this will usually seem too random and

Lighting Design

Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

cluttered once the lights are on. Instead, you should only choose one, or at most two, spots in the garden where the lights should be focused. Once you have decided where and what to shine the lights, the next step is to consider how much light to use. You should never use too much light. The idea is not to create a daytime effect in your garden at night as it is not only not beautiful but also causes light pollution. Instead, try to use the lighting subtly to highlight the most attractive areas of the garden. Be considerate of the rest of your neighborhood as they are unlikely to want a lot of light pollution every night. Since the lights are on every night in your garden, you should think about ways to be environmentally friendly and cut your electricity bills. You will receive solar-powered outdoor lighting for this. They’re

also useful because you don’t have to worry about placing them near an electrical outlet. The advantage of outdoor lighting is that it is easy to install and move. Because of this, don’t be afraid to experiment a little with different lighting positions and styles until you find a setup that you like the most. While drawing a diagram of your garden is a great way to get your first ideas off the ground, once you start experimenting, you might be surprised at how many light combinations you can find.

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