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Condo Interior Design Ideas

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Condo Interior Design Ideas

Condo Interior Design Ideas

Some of the subjects I write about are well mixed with a little humor or sarcasm. Some, like the one I’m writing about today, are better left as is. This is written for designers who feel a little discouraged by the economy. There is hope. We are designers. We live by not transforming anything into something. We can make a difference. If there is one trend that I have noticed in recent years, it is the concept that the good times have passed. People complain about jobs, taxes, gas prices, loss of value of houses, etc. It has become a national pastime to find anything wrong with anything. Only listening to people who constantly complain can otherwise make people happy in a bad mood and spread the whole situation. It’s contagious. These things exist and of course, it is a concern for everyone. What most of us

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Condo Interior Design Ideas 2

Condo Interior Design Ideas 2

forget when things get difficult is the opportunity. In these times when creative minds have a little more time to think, they think more than ever, and as a result, we generally improve in the long run. Do you remember the late 70’s and early 80’s? A global recession was underway, mortgage rates were 18%, but it was also the perfect time for inventions. MS-DOS (Microsoft software), cell phones, hepatitis B vaccine, IBM PC, CD-ROM, Apple Mac, Sony Walkman, MRT, and of course Prozac, to name a few. Apparently, not everyone was seated to appreciate his misery. In the past, most designers in my area relied heavily on the sale of new homes. South Florida experienced a construction boom for many years, and the designers drove this sauce train to the last stop. Customers passed by as if there was no

tomorrow, some as if they were putting their W-2 forms on the front door. It was a great moment for everyone. Many creators took it for granted that another big job was always around the corner and lived like a celebrity and spent every penny they made. Unfortunately, many of these people and now some of Florida’s largest retailers have had to close due to the economy. It is a sad story that is played over and over again. Fortunately, this will not be the end of the story. The late famous designer Jay Spector has always had a positive outlook on life and business. He always said, “The time to take cookies is when they pass the plate.” In other words, if you have the opportunity, grab it. And while the economy seems to be on the toilet for most people, it creates opportunities for those who can adapt to the business

of the future. Now is the time to slow down, think a little more about what we do and make sure we offer our customers the best possible design. A good example of one of the possibilities is that as the sale of new homes stops, more and more people are choosing to stay in their current home for the next few years. Many of them will carry out renovations and additional work to make their accommodation more comfortable. They realize that it costs less than buying a new house and paying higher property taxes or selling their house at a loss. These projects may be a little more work and a little less profitable for the designer, but it’s a great opportunity to add new clients to your portfolio. Who knows what we will have in the future with these new customers? This is an opportunity for a whole new market of design

customers. It’s also a good time for customers to save money, as many suppliers and workspaces have lowered their prices to survive. Another positive result of the economy is that many people have to sell their homes and the competition is brutal. The market for staging companies is experiencing spectacular growth. Professional staging of your home may cost only a small amount, but for most homes, it increases its market value and its market value. This is especially true for the condominium market, where multiple identical units can compete for the same buyer. Don’t worry, all buyers are only looking for the cheapest price. When they are out of town, they may want something that is already done rather than having to deal with the headaches of building or decorating a new house over long distances. Even in this economy, there are people who pay the price for convenience and good taste.

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